Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wacky Wednesday

Purr-fect Picks


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Garden Tidbits

Grab your coffee/tea and take a quick stroll with me.
The roses.
A corner of the garden.
The liatris is a bit bedraggled after the heavy rains.
A Mother's Day gift from the HH.
A Mother's Day gift from the HH.
Heh. The umbrella is doubling as an awning for my Christmas/Easter Rose (which still has a bloom or two on it) since it does not care for sunlight.
Daisies and friends.
Is anyone out there familiar with watermelon radishes? I'd never heard of them till I ordered this salad. As you probably guessed they're the pink sliced veggies rimmed in green. They are about the size of a tomato with a flavor much blander than regular radishes and very pretty. I'd love to have some more.
What about you? How's your garden doing? Have you ever had or heard of watermelon radishes?

Monday, May 21, 2018


I love retirement. After getting up before six more years than I care to remember, these days my first alarm goes off around eight.  Belle stands outside the door announcing it's time for her breakfast. I swear she's had lessons on how to throw her voice. I mentally hit the snooze button. About a half hour later, Penny (the dog) informs me by scratching at the door that she really, really needs to go out.  This one I pay more attention to.  I drag myself out of bed, do about five minutes of yoga/meditation then the dog, four cats and I go trooping outside. After we've meandered through the garden a few times it's time for breakfast. Their breakfast.  Then and only then am I allowed to grab my coffee, settle on the sofa and watch CNN and/or MSNBC.  If current affairs are too much to deal with I switch over to Murder She Wrote. There's nothing like a spot of murder to take one's mind off world events.

The HH and the baby boy went to Atlanta last week to catch a Cubs' game and the HH brought me back this mug. Given my routine I thought it the perfect gift:)

What about you? How do you spend your mornings?